Custom Crew Construction Limited
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Custom Crew Construction Ltd is a building and roofing company formed from a background of 26
years experience in the industry.

Formerly known as Custom Crew Roofing Specialists, they were initially involved in contracts in 1975
for O'Shea and Shanahan in roofing only.

Custom Crew Construction Ltd today are involved with some of the largest Building Companies in Ireland.

Companies such as Pierse Contracting, John Paul Construction, Jackson homes,
Chesterbridge homes , McInerney Construction and other leading construction
companies, as well as main contracting to government bodies and private clients.

The company specialises in three main areas of the construction industry :

  1. Roofing,
  2. Historical conservation/restoration and
  3. Full site building contracts.

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Anthony Murray is the owner and Managing Director and has been involved in roofing and building
since he was 13 years old. From his training here in Ireland he went on to work in the USA for a
number of years and established a company their in the roofing industry that handled custom built
homes from which stems the basis for the present company name.

In the USA the type of contracts handled ranged from $10,000 to $3 million and all with many varied types of design and specifications.

Anthony decided to return to Ireland with his family in the late 80's to start Custom Crew Roofing and after a short while made his mark on the industry and built up a reputation of quality an experience equalled by few.


Custom Crew Construction operate from a fully equipped office with a quantity surveyor, foremen, accountant and fully skilled tradesmen.

We are fully insured for 12,500,000 million Public Employers Liability . All our staff are members of the C.I.F Pension Scheme and the company is A member of the R.C.C.A. and the Construction Industry Federation.


• Custom Crew Construction Ltd are currently resourced to handle up to € 5,000,000 turnover.

• Our Management team is well trained in various construction disciplines, with many years
experience of contracting.

• We employ a nucleus of approximately 32 multi-disciplined site operatives. With our policy of prompt payment and good labour rates we are able to mobilise additional labour from our panel of high quality labour-only teams.

• Our policy is to trade regularly with quality works contractors paying good rates, promptly, in a
non-adversarial manner.

• We have our own internal accounting department which utilises bespoke management accounting systems

•We handle our own estimating and QS work and use cost-control and project management systems.

• We have achieved a reputation with our Clients for meeting deadlines, competitive pricing, good quality work above all else and a friendly, non adversarial, proactive attitude.

• On-going training is achieved through corporate or individual membership of C.I.F.

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